Bed sharing part 2 – a visual guide


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How it should work

How it should work

What usually happens

What usually happens

How we end our nights

How we end our nights


We need a bigger bed!


Getting compliments


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Chublet has developed a delightful habit of giving out random compliments. Here are some of the recent ones I’ve stored for future reference

The public compliment
I took Chublet to a kids classical music performance a few weeks ago. After the concert I needed to use the bathrooms, and the only available toilets were the standard female cubicles. As I sit down and do what I needed to do, Chublet starts clapping and loudly exclaiming ‘Well done Mummy, you did a poo! Clever girl Mummy, poos on the toilet!’

We need to rethink our toilet training commentary.

The 4am compliment
B bought me a new nightdress recently, replacing the one that was falling apart. The first time I wore it, Chublet was a little too awake when joining us for her usual 4am cuddle, ‘You’ve got your new PJs on Mummy, I like them, so pretty. You look nice Mummy.’ If the compliment had come 4 hours later it would have been much more appreciated.

The tactful compliment
‘I like your hair mummy, it’s so dark. And it has white in it’

The ‘is my kid being sarcastic’ compliment
Doing the weekly shop, grabbing the fruit and veggies needed. As I put bananas, apples, sweet corn and carrots (all Chublet’s favourites) in the cart, Chublet says ‘Clever girl Mummy, you’re so smart.’

At least I can be fairly sure we’re giving Chublet lots of positive messaging…

Top 5 things for getting organised


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I’ve been doing some pointless daydreaming of late and thinking of things that would help me get and feel more organised.  These are my top 5.

#5 – A dishwasher.
We have a tiny kitchen, it has 5 cupboards in it. It feels cramped with one person in it.  When someone is at the sink washing dishes, it’s impossible for anyone else to access the fridge or the stove, and as soon as you have more than 2 dishes waiting to be washed it’s cluttered and difficult to work in.  If we magically had room to put in a dishwasher I’m sure it would help.  After all, being able to hide all those dirty dishes throughout the day, and then just pushing a button to make them clean overnight all sounds so much more organised.

#4 – A robotic vacuum.
I love the idea of a vacuum cleaner that just goes around and cleans up without needing help.  But even more, I know that for said vacuum cleaner to work you need to tidy up.  I’m convinced that having a robotic vacuum would inspire me to keep the floors tidy… or maybe I’d just hide the vacuum in the cupboard and leave the tidying to another day.

#3 – A cleaner
In the same vein as the vacuum, for a cleaner to do the job you pay them to do, you need to have the place tidy.  I’m sure having someone coming around regularly would give me the kick up the rear I need to do a mad dash of tidying regularly.  Then I could come home and gaze in wonder at the dust free surfaces, the clean and organised kitchen and the sparkling bathroom.  Bliss… until the next time when I stress out and run around like mad tidying up.

#2 – A bigger house with decent storage
I’m yet to find a rental place in Sydney that has a good amount of built in storage, and as we buy IKEA furniture as needed depending on the place we are moving into, our furniture is all mismatched and make-do and generally doesn’t inspire a whole lot of house love.  I just know that if I had a nice house, with proper storage, matching furniture and enough space for us to live as we’d like it’d all be so much easier.  *Please don’t ruin this daydream with reality*

#1 – A Cleaning fairy
They exist right?!  A fabulous invisible thing that comes in during the night, tidies away all the toys, folds the washing, does the dishes, cleans the floors and benches, scrubs the bathroom and vacuums the carpet.  And maybe while it’s not busy it could do the ironing, wash the windows and sort out the wardrobes.  Seriously, my life would be so much more organised and less stressful if I didn’t have to worry about any of that stuff.

Scary toddler


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Chublet has a doll that is based on the children’s song ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’. The doll comes with all the animals that the old lady swallows (little shaped beanbag things) and you stuff them in her mouth, then shove your fingers down her throat to pull them out again. Great way to teach kids about eating disorders, but that aside, the doll is a favourite here, mostly because Chublet loves it and will happily play with it for at least 5 minutes at a time.

So the other night, Chublet pulled Old Lady out and sat down with B to play. They got all the animals out of the doll and B starts the song. ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a ?’
Chublet: Fly! (grabs fly and stuffs it in the old lady’s mouth, shoving it down her throat and into her tummy)
B: Do you know why she swallowed a fly?
Chublet: (looking her daddy straight in the eyes) She had to die.


The not so organised guide to a sparkling clean bathroom


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It is with great joy that i can announce that chublet is almost toilet trained.  Much of this is thanks to her fabulous day care, who have encouraged, cleaned up and supported her over the last couple of weeks.  The number of nappies i need to change in a day has dropped dramatically and the number of accidents on the carpet at home have also decreased significantly.  All good.  However the cleaning up hasn’t finished completely.  You see, for some unexplained reason, Chublet is that rare breed of female who always, without fail, misses the toilet or potty.

I’ve watched her sit on the potty (backwards, because that’s how she insists it works), pause, then urinate ALL OVER THE BATHROOM FLOOR.  Sure, some of it gets in the potty, but at least half goes over the floor.  If she agrees to sit on the toilet, it’s reduced to about a quarter, but she still manages to miss the bowl despite sitting right on top of it.

And so it is that with each and every toilet trip for Chublet, the mop and floor cleaner come out and we clean up after her, carefully lifting her up and out of the way of the mess beforehand.

All I can do is shake my head and smile proudly at our bathroom floor that sparkles like never before.

saying goodbye


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This post has been churning around my brain for a while now.  I haven’t had the words and the emotional strength to write it.  I still don’t know if I’ll do justice to an amazing woman.

Saying goodbye to you was so wrong.  You were meant to be with us for years yet.  You were meant to meet my daughter, in person, not just through emails, and tell her stories of the mischief I got up to as a kid – mischief you so often instigated and encouraged.  You were meant to keep sending me birthday cards, always on time, always with a silly something that made me laugh.  You were meant to be there for us to visit when we could make the trek across the country.  You were meant to continue inspiring, challenging and pushing me forward in life and my career.

More than anything you were an inspiration to me.  You challenged me to really think about the decisions I made in life, in my career, in connecting to the world.  Each time we spoke (far too rarely as I know now), you questioned me in a way that made me think hard, explain myself and look deep into my soul to see why I had chosen the path I had.  Once you had done that, and heard my answers, you cheered me on, telling me you had my back, telling me I could achieve more than I believed, showing me how to be the best person I could be.  You gave me an alternate view of life, you who worked so hard at each and every job you held, you who gave to your community in so many small ways, you who continued to find joy in life, delight in little sillinesses, and explore the wide, wide world.

That you never had children of your own was a selfish pleasure for me.  You were able to give us so much of your time, your love and yourself.  You were always a part of our lives, from regular visits as small children, to increasingly infrequent phone calls, emails and visits.  Yet each time I made contact you gave me all your attention, taking time off work to spend a day with me, emailing me little thoughts and encouragement when you knew I needed it, and always showing me how special I was in your life.

I now have some of your most loved clothes sitting in my wardrobe, clothes made for you; yet fitting me perfectly.  Clothes that you wore to so many special occasions; clothes worn in treasured photographs.  These clothes still smell of you, even two months after being added to my wardrobe.  There are nights when your scent is stronger, nights when I go to sleep and dream of you.  I hope that when I wear these, I stand a little taller, walk a little stronger and go a little further, just as you always believed i could.

You are missed so much.  The world is a little less without you in it.  Your spirit will continue to encourage me to explore, challenge and contribute.

Digital parenting


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In the last couple of weeks I’ve been made aware of how often I reach for my iDevice on my days home, while supposedly entertaining Chublet. I have realised how regularly I tune out of the monotony of parenting by using the excuse of connecting with the wider world through my FaceBook, email or Pinterest habit. Chublet has contributed to this increasing realisation, both by telling me to put my phone away, but also by searching out my phone or tablet when she sees me on one or the other. I wish I could say proudly that my daughter doesn’t know how to use an iDevice, but unfortunately the only thing she hasn’t figured out yet is the password to unlock them.

I have decided to tackle both of our addictions in two ways, firstly, our budget is going to take a hit and I’m enrolling Chublet in extra organised activities on our days home. At present she does Ballet on a saturday morning, then follows that by coming to Pilates with me. That’s been it and i’ve been happy with that. But her latest developmental leap has seen her becoming much harder work to entertain and keep occupied on a day at home. She wants me to be with her and doing things, and each activity only lasts about 3 minutes before she turns destructive (painting herself, throwing / eating playdough, stickers everywhere but the paper etc). I figure if we get out of the house to an organised activity that i don’t have to plan or manage that’ll help both of us. The second method is that i’m starting to introduce a screen time timer. It’s something that i’ve been thinking about doing as she gets older to give her greater choice and responsibility with her screen time (a number of 10min tickets allocated each week and once used up all screen time finishes), so starting now, when she sits next to me with a device and as i browse through random stuff on my own device i set the timer for 10min. Once that timer goes off we both put our devices away and go and do something else.

I still get the little eyes with the ‘Just one more?’ attempt, but hopefully leading by example will help her see I mean it, and will help me remember to put the device down and out of easy reach. Who knows, less screen time temptation might just see me be bored enough to get a little more organised…

Meal planning and trying to be organised


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The one area of managing a household that I feel I generally have reasonably organised (in comparison with all other areas) is that of meal planning and food shopping. I quite enjoy cooking, and having a decent supply of fresh and pantry ingredients with which to cook. However I really struggle with the amount of food we waste, and so I do my best to meal plan and only purchase food that I am confident will be eaten. This doesn’t always work with a toddler and a husband who works stupid hours, but I do my best.

So it was that I did my sunday night plan for the week, working out what meals were being prepared, what I already had, what I needed and what i’d rescue from the freezer. It was a pretty simple list as the weather was predicted to be hot and stormy, so no big stews or complicated meals. I did the shopping and started on the meal plan. Meal One – BBQ chicken and asian style salad – easy and B and I like having leftovers for work lunch. Meal Two – left over BBQ chook and pasta, with whatever veggies need using up in the fridge.

This is where I realised I hadn’t actually been as organised and clever as I thought I was. Meal 2… Meal 2 after a 6 day trip to stay with Granny, Meal 2 after encouraging B to clean out the fridge while we were away and eat / toss items still in there. Meal 2 when there are no veggies that need using up as the fridge has been cleaned out while Chublet and I were away. Thankfully there was a can of chickpeas in the pantry and some frozen peas and corn still in the freezer. Got to love an ‘it’ll do’ meal on the second day of the week.

And this is just another reason why I’m a not so organised housewife.