About Me

I’m a country born, city living girl.  I’m doing the usual juggle of family and work with one child and hopes of another at some point in the not too distant future.  I’ve never been an especially house proud person, content to live in a state of semi organised chaos if it means i can just finish one more chapter of the book, listen to the end of the CD in peace or do one more row of my latest crochet project.  I’m a self confessed hoarder when it comes to books, CDs, DVDs and gardening things.  I’m desperately waiting for us to move back to the country and be able to buy a house big enough to indulge all my favourite things and allow me to become a little more organised by having a good sized kitchen, lots of bookshelves, a craft room and seperate formal and family living areas – and I’ll keep dreaming for as long as I can.


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