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The problem with being a not-so-organised housewife is the times when you realise that about the only thing you are truly successful at is failing as an adult. Those points of failure where not being organised, tidy and having really good routines lead to loosing things, forgetting stuff and having a carpet that hasn’t been vacuumed in too many weeks to count.

My current failure quota is pretty high when it comes to home life. Work is flying along with regular wins, but all that comes at a cost at home and a failure to balance the demands and pressures of the two parts of my life, as well as a failure to cope with high levels of interrupted sleep (yes, Chublet has been on a sleep avoidance bender recently).

Do you think science will get a point where we can swap lives for a little while? Sometimes I think it would be nice to see what it is like to be organised, neat, in control and properly adulting. But only for long enough to get the house and general life stuff in order, then I think I’ll swap back to being me – not-so-organised, preferring to play with Chublet, read a book or do some crochet to all that organising, adulty stuff.