Being a not so organised housewife you have to grab at moments of bliss as they disappear awfully quickly.

There’s the bliss of having a perfectly clean and clear kitchen bench – for the 60 sec it takes for you to start preparing the next round of food a growing preschooler demands at all hours.

There’s the bliss of finally achieving a clean and tidy house, toys put away, floors mopped and vacuumed – right up until that moment when Chubba comes home from swimming.

There’s the bliss of having nothing in the washing baskets (dirty or clean) – as long as you ignore the washing line full of things soon needing to be folded, sorted and put away.

But most of all there’s the bliss of that hour each afternoon where Chubba sleeps and the constant chatter finally ceases and despite all the chores and things that should be done, you ignore them and get a cup of hot tea a book and head to the couch – only to fall asleep yourself within 2 min.