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Chublet has developed a delightful habit of giving out random compliments. Here are some of the recent ones I’ve stored for future reference

The public compliment
I took Chublet to a kids classical music performance a few weeks ago. After the concert I needed to use the bathrooms, and the only available toilets were the standard female cubicles. As I sit down and do what I needed to do, Chublet starts clapping and loudly exclaiming ‘Well done Mummy, you did a poo! Clever girl Mummy, poos on the toilet!’

We need to rethink our toilet training commentary.

The 4am compliment
B bought me a new nightdress recently, replacing the one that was falling apart. The first time I wore it, Chublet was a little too awake when joining us for her usual 4am cuddle, ‘You’ve got your new PJs on Mummy, I like them, so pretty. You look nice Mummy.’ If the compliment had come 4 hours later it would have been much more appreciated.

The tactful compliment
‘I like your hair mummy, it’s so dark. And it has white in it’

The ‘is my kid being sarcastic’ compliment
Doing the weekly shop, grabbing the fruit and veggies needed. As I put bananas, apples, sweet corn and carrots (all Chublet’s favourites) in the cart, Chublet says ‘Clever girl Mummy, you’re so smart.’

At least I can be fairly sure we’re giving Chublet lots of positive messaging…