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I’ve been doing some pointless daydreaming of late and thinking of things that would help me get and feel more organised.  These are my top 5.

#5 – A dishwasher.
We have a tiny kitchen, it has 5 cupboards in it. It feels cramped with one person in it.  When someone is at the sink washing dishes, it’s impossible for anyone else to access the fridge or the stove, and as soon as you have more than 2 dishes waiting to be washed it’s cluttered and difficult to work in.  If we magically had room to put in a dishwasher I’m sure it would help.  After all, being able to hide all those dirty dishes throughout the day, and then just pushing a button to make them clean overnight all sounds so much more organised.

#4 – A robotic vacuum.
I love the idea of a vacuum cleaner that just goes around and cleans up without needing help.  But even more, I know that for said vacuum cleaner to work you need to tidy up.  I’m convinced that having a robotic vacuum would inspire me to keep the floors tidy… or maybe I’d just hide the vacuum in the cupboard and leave the tidying to another day.

#3 – A cleaner
In the same vein as the vacuum, for a cleaner to do the job you pay them to do, you need to have the place tidy.  I’m sure having someone coming around regularly would give me the kick up the rear I need to do a mad dash of tidying regularly.  Then I could come home and gaze in wonder at the dust free surfaces, the clean and organised kitchen and the sparkling bathroom.  Bliss… until the next time when I stress out and run around like mad tidying up.

#2 – A bigger house with decent storage
I’m yet to find a rental place in Sydney that has a good amount of built in storage, and as we buy IKEA furniture as needed depending on the place we are moving into, our furniture is all mismatched and make-do and generally doesn’t inspire a whole lot of house love.  I just know that if I had a nice house, with proper storage, matching furniture and enough space for us to live as we’d like it’d all be so much easier.  *Please don’t ruin this daydream with reality*

#1 – A Cleaning fairy
They exist right?!  A fabulous invisible thing that comes in during the night, tidies away all the toys, folds the washing, does the dishes, cleans the floors and benches, scrubs the bathroom and vacuums the carpet.  And maybe while it’s not busy it could do the ironing, wash the windows and sort out the wardrobes.  Seriously, my life would be so much more organised and less stressful if I didn’t have to worry about any of that stuff.