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It is with great joy that i can announce that chublet is almost toilet trained.  Much of this is thanks to her fabulous day care, who have encouraged, cleaned up and supported her over the last couple of weeks.  The number of nappies i need to change in a day has dropped dramatically and the number of accidents on the carpet at home have also decreased significantly.  All good.  However the cleaning up hasn’t finished completely.  You see, for some unexplained reason, Chublet is that rare breed of female who always, without fail, misses the toilet or potty.

I’ve watched her sit on the potty (backwards, because that’s how she insists it works), pause, then urinate ALL OVER THE BATHROOM FLOOR.  Sure, some of it gets in the potty, but at least half goes over the floor.  If she agrees to sit on the toilet, it’s reduced to about a quarter, but she still manages to miss the bowl despite sitting right on top of it.

And so it is that with each and every toilet trip for Chublet, the mop and floor cleaner come out and we clean up after her, carefully lifting her up and out of the way of the mess beforehand.

All I can do is shake my head and smile proudly at our bathroom floor that sparkles like never before.