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The one area of managing a household that I feel I generally have reasonably organised (in comparison with all other areas) is that of meal planning and food shopping. I quite enjoy cooking, and having a decent supply of fresh and pantry ingredients with which to cook. However I really struggle with the amount of food we waste, and so I do my best to meal plan and only purchase food that I am confident will be eaten. This doesn’t always work with a toddler and a husband who works stupid hours, but I do my best.

So it was that I did my sunday night plan for the week, working out what meals were being prepared, what I already had, what I needed and what i’d rescue from the freezer. It was a pretty simple list as the weather was predicted to be hot and stormy, so no big stews or complicated meals. I did the shopping and started on the meal plan. Meal One – BBQ chicken and asian style salad – easy and B and I like having leftovers for work lunch. Meal Two – left over BBQ chook and pasta, with whatever veggies need using up in the fridge.

This is where I realised I hadn’t actually been as organised and clever as I thought I was. Meal 2… Meal 2 after a 6 day trip to stay with Granny, Meal 2 after encouraging B to clean out the fridge while we were away and eat / toss items still in there. Meal 2 when there are no veggies that need using up as the fridge has been cleaned out while Chublet and I were away. Thankfully there was a can of chickpeas in the pantry and some frozen peas and corn still in the freezer. Got to love an ‘it’ll do’ meal on the second day of the week.

And this is just another reason why I’m a not so organised housewife.