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In a bid to feel a little more in control of life, I’ve asked B to take over cooking / meal planning one night a week.  He’s a pretty good cook, but his range is rather limited.  However he really likes to be creative, hence the following conversation.

B:  How about I do the burrito mince, but instead of having it with tortillas, I layer it up with corn chips like a lasagne
NSOH:  Wouldn’t that be nachos?
B: No, it’ll be better than nachos
NSOH:  okay, how will you stop the corn chips going soggy when you bake it?
B: I’ll just boil off all the liquid from the mince before making the lasagne thing.

So tonight we had his latest invention, except the lasagne bit didn’t happen as he couldn’t work out how to stop the chips going soggy, and he didn’t realise that the cheesy bit of lasagne is a white sauce, so we just had layers of grated cheese through the mince.  However he did mix through the yummy sweetcorn salsa he does, and it wasn’t too bad a meal.

Any meal I don’t have to think about cooking is a good one in my books – even if it is a not quite lasagne, not quite nachos, burrito mince invention.