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Valentine’s day – you either love it or hate it.  In this household we use it as a wonderful opportunity to remind each other that despite all the ups and downs of married life, we are actually still in love.  B is a very good gift giver, but he is terrible to buy for, so I decided that this year Chublet and I would make him something.

A few days before Valentine’s one of the women in my online mother’s group posted about activities to keep a toddler amused inside.  It reminded me that I hadn’t done much painting with Chublet for a while, and that a trip to the craft store was due to grab supplies for my next Pinterest inspired project (more to come later).  After a quick scroll through Pinterest I decided Chublet and I would tackle stencil painting – inspired by pins such as this.

A not so quick (toddler style) walk to the shops, a bit too much time and money in the craft shop and the supplies were in place.  While Chublet had her day nap I got busy with the computer, box cutter, and cardboard and a love heart stencil was created.  Some nice masking tape to tape it onto the canvas and everything was ready.  After lunch, I asked Chublet if she wanted to do some painting – her enthusiastic toddle to the craft box and the demand that the lid be removed IMMEDIATELY was all the response I needed.  Red and white paint, paintbrushes and the canvas at the ready and she was allowed to let rip.  Once the canvas was done, several sheets of paper and Chublet herself all got painted up.  We then spent some fun time cleaning her in the bath, then more waterplay as we mopped the kitchen floor.  All up, about an hour and half of the afternoon was taken up with painting and associated fun.  And the canvas?  See for yourself.

Valentine's canvas Valentine's stencilThere are one or two spots where the stencil didn’t sit quite flush against the canvas, so it isn’t as neat as I hoped, but overall I was pretty happy and B thought it was pretty sweet too.

And just so you understand the clean up involved when Chublet enjoys herself…

Valentine's painting