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These last few weeks we’ve been working on finding our new normal. B has returned to full time work after 5 months unemployment, and I have gone back to working just two days a week. This means that once again most of the housework falls to me and I’m trying to find my rhythm. This includes working out ways to keep an increasingly active Chublet happy while I concentrate on housework. I’ve discovered the trick is to multi-task; it goes like this:

  1.  Fill sink with water and stare in dread at the pile of dishes that never seems to end.
  2. Help Chublet move her highchair into the kitchen, partially fill a large plastic container with luke-warm water, and a random assortment of plastic spoons, baby containers etc.
  3. Drop Chublet in the highchair for water play while washing as many of the dishes as you / she can cope with in one sitting.
  4. After the dishes are done, remove chublet from highchair, dry her down and plonk her outside the kitchen gate while you dry highchair and kitchen floor.

Ta-dah; dishes done, highchair washed, kitchen floor washed and toddler bathed, all at the same time. Multi-tasking the easy way.

The main trick is to leave the dishes until after Chublet’s paint play session, so that the kitchen floor only needs to be washed once in the day, and the toddler highchair bath has a real sense of accomplishment to it. (as per image below)