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Several months ago, when things were still running as normal, and I was a mostly SAHM, I decided that I was going to be ultra organised this christmas and would save money by making lots of presents.  I was also going to do the christmas cooking in a more organised manner, and we were going to properly celebrate the Advent season with family dinners each sunday with the advent wreath lit prior to sitting down.  I was going to make a very cute little felt christmas tree and associated christmas ornaments to be Chublet’s Advent Calendar and I really wanted to start feeling our way through our own family christmas traditions.

Since then, B is still out of work, I’m working anywhere from 4-6 days a week, we are now several days into december and nothing is organised.

The sewing machine and overlocker are sitting on the dining room table with mix and match PJs for Chublet in various stages of pinning, cutting and sewing, the bags of material I bought for various presents are still sitting on a corner of the lounge (where they’ve been for about 4 months), and christmas cooking is still a distant dream.  I look at my calendar and realise there is very little time before we will start the rounds of christmas catch ups and dinners – ideal situations for giving out sweet little baskets of biscuits and other home made goodies to show friends how much we appreciate their contribution to our lives;  I look at the calendar and realise I have almost no time left to package parcels up to send off to nieces and nephews interstate – and yet there is nothing made to put in those parcels; and I look at the calendar (and the weather) and realise that continuing to make Chublet mid-season PJs might just be a waste of time…

The advent wreath remains packed away in storage somewhere, the advent star likewise hidden.  Chublet’s advent calendar will have to wait another year and the christmas tree will probably remain in storage as we are away over christmas, but I’d love to have the tree up until Epiphany so might haul it out when we get back.  Family dinners are still a bit of a slap-dash affair with things on the dining table pushed aside to make enough room for us to sit down together, and generally it’s looking like a very disorganised christmas.

One of these days the dreams of my planning and the reality of my life will meet in perfect harmony – and I won’t know what on earth has happened.  So here’s to another not so organised christmas, where my visions of perfection are put aside for a muddled, messy, joyous reality and where if things don’t happen I try not to care as long as I get to spend time making happy family memories with Chublet and B.

(and to my sister ‘Squirt’ – if you’re reading this the message is that christmas presents are going to be late…)