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So after several months of waiting and waiting, the parcel I sent to France filled with all sorts of goodies has arrived.  And that means I can now post my crochet brag here, without spoiling the surprise.

I taught myself to crochet almost 2 years ago now, and have been doing stuff for babies and family members ever since.  This baby blanket was one of my biggest projects to date.  It’s cot sized and although it’s in 8ply and therefore fairly fast to work up, my technique still needs some refinement, so big projects still take a while.  I’m really happy with it though, and loved making it for my nephew.  Hoping that it keeps him nice and warm through a french winter.

SONY DSC SONY DSCThis pattern is from Ravelry – Dewdrops Baby Blanket

I also made a scarf for my sister in law.  I found the pattern in a sampler book and then just extended the repeat out to do the scarf.  It turned out a bit too wide, and I ran out of wool so it isn’t as long as I really wanted, but hopefully it is still wearable.


There is another project that I’ve just finished tonight, and am totally in love with (will post once the gift has been given) and I’ve now just started on a blanket for chublet to go on her ‘big bed’ when we move her out of the cot sometime next year.  I’ll post some work in progress photos of that as it gets to a decent stage.  Summer and crochet are always interesting, so i might have to work on some simpler, cotton things if the weather heats up too badly over the next few months.

Yay for crafty goodness.