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Every so often in my not so organised life, I get completely fed up with the state of a room in the house and go on a cleaning frenzy.  This is usually accompanied by lots of muttering under my breath and some snarling at B should he dare to come near and make some suggestions about how I could be more efficient.  You see, a cranky clean is rarely a well thought out clean.  It often happens in the evening, long after I should have put my feet up and be thinking about going to bed, and it rarely happens in a methodical organised way.

This last weekend, it was the kitchen’s turn.  We have an unofficial agreement in our house that B does the dishes as I do most of the cooking and other cleaning.  However he regularly forgets about this, and as I get stubborn, the dishes pile up and pile up.  B also has a few quirks about dishes, and sometimes dishes can sit on the sideboard waiting to be washed for a week, despite everything around them getting washed up.  This particular cranky clean started as a result of loosing my temper over a pile of dishes that had sat dirty, despite several loads being done.  Then I decided I might as well give the benchtops a scrub down, and the stovetop also was crying out for some love.  After that I tackled the high counter-top which is a general dumping ground for anything and everything.  And finally I did what FlyLady tells you to and cleaned / shined my sink.   

Finally the kitchen looked like it belonged in an organised household, and that lasted all of 12 hours…  ah well, hopefully the next round of cranky strikes soon and I can tackle some of the other disaster areas.