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As a typical toddler, Chublet loves to copy B and I as we go about our day.  Anything that can be held to her ear is a phone, she walks around, head lowered having very serious babble conversations.  She loves putting her clothes in the washing baskets, and washing machine, tries to help peg things out and takes great delight in wiping down her highchair after each meal.  In general, she follows me around thinking she is being helpful.

With this is mind I just had to buy her a very cute little gardening set I saw in our local shopping centre; right alongside the gardening set was a wonderful dustpan and brush, all appropriately sized for toddlers.  A few days later I was heading out to the garden and pulled out her gardening set.  Much delight ensued and she happily raked the lawn and tried to use the fork to help me get weeds out.  She knew exactly what the tools were for.

Much to my shame when I pulled out the dustpan and brush later that afternoon, she was most confused, attempting to use the brush on her hair and then deciding that the set made a most excellent drum.

And so I have a toddler sized mirror, showing me very clearly where my priorities are…