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I have a fleece throw that I ‘made’ several years ago.  ‘Made’ being went to a fabric shop, bought a length of fleece, sewed a pretty edging on it and ‘ta-dah’ a blanket / throw for cold winter nights on the couch.  B has pretty much taken possession of this, but he constantly whinges that it isn’t big enough or warm enough.  So a few weekends ago one of the big fabric stores had an end of season sale with all fleece reduced significantly.  I wanted to get some fabric for some other projects, and told B where I was headed.  Much to my surprise he asked to come along as well.  Turned out he had an ulterior motive.  He ummed and aahhed, dithered and vacillated, and eventually picked out a fleece and a faux chenille thing.  We purchased 2.5m of each and I was asked to turn them into a man sized blanket for the couch.

Pretty easy sewing project, I think to myself.  Just haul out the overlocker, run the edges together, turn it right way out, top stitch and bingo – BEST. WIFE. EVER.  That was before I really got to grips with just how big this blanket was.  I struggled to find floorspace big enough to lay the thing out to pin, my sewing table was nowhere near up to the job of supporting the stuff that wasn’t going through the machine, and the fabrics did not want to play nicely together.

However we got there.  It is far from perfect, still needs a little bit of finishing off, but B is one very happy man.  The Manket was dragged between the couch and the bed throughout the weekend.  He’s snuggled under it and exclaimed on the wonder of it’s sheer size, fuzziness and the splendor of it’s lack of taste.  He’s been acting not much older than Chublet over it.  But best of all; I finally get to reclaim my fleece blanket.