So I’ve started a blog.  Seems like something all the cool kids are doing, and every SAHM (stay at home mum) and her dog… 

I’ll blog about my vague attempts to live a semi-organised life, the siren call of my craft projects, books, gardening and all the enjoyable things that mean housework is the last thing on my ‘to-do’ list.  I’ll probably post endlessly about being a mum – the joys and challenges – and if you are still reading after all that there might be one or two semi-academic wanderings back to my past life as a museum professional. 

You’ll come across a fairly limited cast of characters.  Me, currently an at home mum and reluctant housewife, hoping to find a good part time role back in arts administration; B, my husband of almost 3 years, a working, studying, corporate achiever and a fairly fabulous Dad and Chublet, our 1 year old daughter who came along earlier than we had planned and has been throwing us curve-balls ever since. 

We currently live in Sydney and dream of finding our way back to our country upbringings.